Cloud Health Monitor

Cloud Health Monitor
on January 28, 2016 in Security

Cloud Health Monitor

The HealthMonitor Cloud Service offers users peace of mind knowing that each server and all cameras are running to minimize the risk of missing an important event. HealthMonitor Cloud monitors each of your servers on a regular basis to ensure server uptime and reporting of any issues affecting the servers. The HealthMonitor Cloud Service will keep track of all cameras enrolled on your server to monitor camera failures and cameras not recording.

Key Benefits

  • Completely hosted, setup takes minutes
  • No additional server or database setup required
  • Integrator Managed Accounts – This allows integrators and dealers to monitor end user’s server/camera uptime and manage individual user accounts
  • Log and keep track of server/camera detailed uptimes
  • Detailed server and camera dashboard for monitoring
  • Track server and camera health availability
  • Determine if cameras are not actively recording or unavailable
  • Email Notification Alerts
  • Customizable SMTP configuration

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