Millennium Control Systems: Badging Access

Millennium Control Systems: Badging Access

The Millennium Control Systems Badge Module allows you to capture and create your own photo ID badges. It consists of several options to fit your needs such as a software-controlled digital camera, a high-end imaging capture card and a signature pad. Badges can include a bar code, digital signature or magnetic stripe encoding compatible with Millennium or stand-alone electronic access control systems. Combine workflow for User File, Camera Control, ID Card and Badging Operations.

Millennium Control Systems Badging Features

  • Fully integrates with Millennium Enterprise or Expert
  • Simple process of photo capture, badge printing and user file management
  • Multiple pages on one screen means less clicking for you
  • Increase facility security | Quickly supply badge cards to visitors or replace lost or forgotten employee cards | Real time display of user photo when access is granted or denied
  • Powerful badge layout editor
  • Customize the card to meet your different security needs Prevent duplication | Print different color backgrounds for different access levels | Encode and read magnetic stripe, Wiegand, bar code and other technologies

Access Control System Functions

User Friendly:
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Simple card layout
  • Drag and drop placement of graphic elements
  • Includes static and variable text
Network Support:
  • Multiple workstations
  • Peripherals including Signature Pads
Password Protection:
  • Assign each operator a security level to protect confidential user information
Badge Creation History:
  • Automatic history of Badge capture date, Badge print date and Badge print count
Remote Camera Control:
  • Zoom or Auto-center portrait with keyboard or mouse
  • Color, brightness, contrast and white balance remotely adjusted Automatic Portrait
  • Edit badge/photo background without retaking user photo Adobe and TrueType
Font Support & JPEG Compression:
  • Compact portrait storage size of approximately 10KB per image
  • Imports and exports TIFF, PCX, BMP and other popular image file formats
  • Utilize your own corporate logos, colors and fonts
Ghost Image/Overlay:
  • Turn any graphic image into a security overlay to cover part of the portrait and data
  • Print a duplicate, semi-transparent copy of the portrait on the badge for added security
Multiple Video Inputs:
  • Inputs and formats include composite NTSC and PAL, S-VHS & RGB for worldwide applications
Printer Support:
  • Multiple printer support including encoding on Track 1, 2 or 3
  • Use any Windows-compatible ID card printer
  • Unattended batch printing of badges by name, ID number or type
  • Print reports including user’s photo
  • Double-sided badge printing (with compatible printer
  • Print bar codes on badges
  • Produce copy-proof overlays on bar codes for security