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in January 28, 2016 in Security

The HealthMonitor Cloud Service offers users peace of mind knowing that each server and all cameras are running to minimize the risk of missing an important event. HealthMonitor Cloud monitors each of your servers on a regular basis to...

in December 10, 2015 in Security

Importance of Security Systems for Companies July 14, 2015 by Chris Devers Currently, the company has much riding on it could not make a bit of an unnecessary gamble. Some companies deal with large amounts of raw materials and...

in December 8, 2015 in Security

A CCTV security system has several components in it in order to make it complete. There are cables to connect all the components together, a digital video camera to record motion pictures, a display monitor, other accessories and CCTV camera...

in August 4, 2015 in Security

The New Advidia P-Series Cameras Introducing the P-Series, the new high-performance IP camera line from Advidia® designed to deliver unparalleled streaming performance, wider coverage, and the best image quality in IP video surveillance. The new P-Series consists of four...