Life Safety Systems: Fire Protection & Mass Notification

Servicing Metro Atlanta and the southeast region for over 20yrs, our life safety systems include fire detection, fire containment, and mass notification.

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Fire Suppression Integration

Fire Suppression Integration

We provide total system integration and controls engineering of special hazard suppression including gas detection, flame detection, linear heat detection, CCTV-based optical flame and smoke detection, and fiber linear heat detection.

Fire Detection & Notification

Fire Detection and Notification

Our fire detection and notification systems start with establishing design criteria from the stakeholders that takes into account the life safety dynamics of a building, use of the facilities, capacity of the means of egress, capacity of occupants for self-preservation, and equivalency strategies to compensate for deficiencies in containment, structural construction, suppression, or other issues. The design intent for detection strategy and notification is one of performance. One such smoke detection coverage strategy is to provide smoke detection in the means of egress for early warning to increase egress time.

Fire Containment


Containment compliance associated with building codes is often overlooked and not well-documented. A life safety plan indicating firewalls and indicating UL-System for each penetration is paramount to a well-defined containment strategy. Selection of the proper and most economical UL System must consider the maintenance needs of the building for future work using re-enterable systems in addition to the type of penetrating item and construction of the fire or smoke barrier, and requirements for T-ratings and F-ratings.

Failure to install the right backstopping material, following the installation instructions correctly, or failure to submit any required plans to the AHJ can result in re-work, construction delays or stop-work orders.

We Provide:

  • Fire stopping
  • UL Listed Assemblies
  • Intumescent Materials
  • Documentation
  • Factory-trained Installers and Technicians
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Destructive Testing and Inspection

Mass Notification

Mass Notification

MNEC system equipment shall be a Listed Manufacturer under UL2572 in accordance with NFPA72 Annex E [2007] or NFPA72 [2010].