Sound Reinforcement and Noise Masking

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Sound Reinforcement

A-Z Tech Integrators Sound Reinforcement

Our sound reinforcement systems are designed and engineered to produce the optimum sound distribution as required to bring the program or message to the audience in even the most complex indoor or outdoor arrangements. Most sound systems will require audio mixing and amplification, but more demanding applications may require signal processing, feedback elimination, monitor speakers for stage performers, or delay for large audience patterns so that a listener in a stadium can hear sound from multiple speaker clusters at the same time, or zoned systems that may have different program or communication needs, such as mass notification. Overall design includes attention to specifications and performance requirements, arrangement and level adjustment of speakers, sizing of cabling and amplifier loads, and compensation for ambient conditions.

Sound / Noise Masking

A-Z Tech Integrators Sound / Noise Masking

Sound or noise masking applications are becoming more important for legal, medical and financial business concerns as the duty to protect the privacy of information becomes more defined through legislation, industry participation or practice, or federal regulation. Many legal firms have a need to screen employees from participation or even unintentional publication of facts through private phone conversations or dispositions, where the transmission of conversation through walls may become a factor. Financial and insurance company call centers may have a duty to protect against the disclosure of financial information. HIPPA regulations require that health consultations remain private, not to be heard by staff or visitors that do not have a need to know.

The typical noise masking system involves a pink or white noise source that is distributed through a speaker system after defining the ambient sound levels. We measure ambient noise level and establish target level, make adjustments to equalizer to increase output close to target levels. Speaker zones can be set up to provide optimum overall level of masking control, while individual speakers can be tapped to compensate for someone’s unusually loud voice in a particular office or cubicle. Background music or paging options may be provided as specified by the end user.