Campus Lockdown


Campus Lockdown Solutions

Access Control Made Convenient

a-zTech employs the power of the Millennium Enterprise, which can keep the entire campus secure by locking doors on a schedule or controlling them at all times. Students can even use one card as their ID, keycard and debit card.

Solutions For large and small schools

From smaller institutions like Grinnell College to largers schools like Northwestern University and the University of North Carolina, the Millennium suite of services can handle the largest schools to the smaller schools who are controlling three or four doors.


Unobtrusive Installation

We know that many educational institutions are historic buildings with delicate architecture. Millennium Group products are designed to be installed unobtrusively in order to preserve the historical beauty. With a daisy chain wiring system, very few wires are required. Where wires are needed, there are many attractive wire-mold options to choose from; making the wires almost invisible. Many Millennium Group products are designed to stick right on the wall, minimizing the amount of drilling as much as possible.

A Safe Campus Attracts More Students

Providing 24/7 campus access control gives students and faculty the protection they need to feel safe and secure. Because
students, faculty, and staff members are a university’s greatest assets, partnering with an access control provider that
understands the importance of control on college campuses is crucial.

Are Your Prepared for a Campus Lockdown?

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