Millennium Access Control Xtra


Security in the 21st Century is a 24-hour commitment. Xtra is at your fingertips to meet these important demands anytime, from anywhere you have Internet access. A highly advanced access control software system, Millennium Access Control Xtra runs directly from your browser. This means that the complete suite of access control functions is managed without needing specialized client
software on local machines.

You don’t need dedicated workstations or a dedicated security network, just a PC, Web browser, Web or LAN/WAN connection. Any alarm event can be sent automatically to your text-enabled cell phone, PDA or e-mail address. Highly secure communication protocols and 128 bit SSL encryption
options ensures access for authorized company security personnel only.

Millennium Access Control Xtra Features

Once users are authenticated with user names and passwords, they are given Web pages containing functionality appropriate to their privilege level. By setting up Xtra to be used on a daily basis, the system administrator can add other users with specific privileges in the system as needed. That’s just the beginning. Card and portrait entry, door access assignments and producing helpful reports are easily accomplished. Database import/export utilizing the UDF standards make interfacing to other systems an easily managed process.

Millennium Access Control Xtra includes the access control hardware, access control application and a Web browser. The intelligent controller hardware with the software application over TCP/IP, through the internet/intranet, or a wireless connection. By utilizing true distributed processing the intelligent controller
can determine who can and who cannot access a door.


Millennium Access Control Xtra is extremely flexible. A system can support from 1 to 100,000 doors. Additonally, a number of useful reports can be produced in ways suitable to each customer’s needs. The design allows for easy integration to any company HR database or university one-card systems. For a large corporation or university, The proven technology of Xtra is the ideal solution.

Sophisticated, Easy to Manage

The highly advanced Millennium Xtra access control software system is browser-based. Software is installed only on your network server, meaning there are no Xtra software licenses for workstation use. This translates into significant cost savings
over other access control systems.

General Capabilities

The Xtra system can be viewed as having a number of different functional tasks. Once the user is authenticated with user name and password, they will be presented with a web page containing functionality appropriate to their privilege level, e.g., administrator, operator, or guard.

1. System Administration: The administrator sets up the system to be used on a daily basis. The administrator can add other users and assign them privileges, i.e., authority to perform specific functionality through out the system. The administrator will also need to set up the system company information and user defined fields. If needed the administrator performs diagnostics and database import export functions.

2. Event Monitoring: the user will monitor the facility by responding to alarms, monitoring and controlling doors, and viewing cardholder activity. Although Xtra monitors a facility continuously, a user must have his web browser up and be logged into the Presidio system to receive notification messages (with the exception of those explicitly routed to a pager or email).

3. Cardholder Data: the user can manage all of the cardholder records in their system. Users can add, delete, and modify cardholder database records. They can also generate cardholder data queries for downloading or printing.

4. Reports: the user can run and schedule reports of information about the system as well as event and alarm activity.