Why choose Millennium Access Control for your Security System?

Why choose Millennium Access Control for your Security System?
on November 18, 2014 in Security

Why should you choose Millennium for your security system?

  • We’ve got you covered if the power goes out

Lithium batteries in access control systems pose a major fire hazard

Access Control and Lithium Batteries

  • We know the hidden dangers in most security systems

With a primary/secondary controller, only the primary controller has intelligence

Intelligent Security Systems

  • We save you over 35% in copper cable wire pricing and installation

The Millennium Group’s unique Daisy Chain or T-Tap Wiring System will save you time, labor        and copper costs

Daisy Chain Access Control Wiring

  • We understand HITECH enhanced HIPAA penalties

The HITECH Act of 2009 significantly increases penalties for disclosing protected health information

HIPAA and Access Control

  • We realize theft and fraud cost businesses $40 billion a year

And 40% of these crimes are committed by trusted employees

Security Theft

  • Our backwards compatibility makes upgrading seamless and inexpensive

Backwards compatibility is not something provided by every access control company

Backwards Compatibility

  • We’ve researched how some employees steal 6.6 times more than shoplifters

Why rob a bank, when it’s so easy to steal from your employer

Retail Security

Solutions for Every Need

Access Control Solutions for Every Need

Millennium Group provides business and enterprise-wide electronic security solutions to our customers through our portfolio of market-leading brands. Distinguished for our expertise in electronic security solutions, we provide our customers with a unique combination of deep industry expertise, broad product innovation and seamless integration services.

At Millennium Group, our products are designed to help protect people and property, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our product portfolio is renowned for its quality, reliability and its proven access control solutions that reduce the time installers and service personnel spend on non-billable server and software focused activities.

Solutions for Every Dealer

Solutions for Every Dealer

Millennium Group provides first-class capabilities in the access control market through our market leading brands. Our brands, each with a heritage of excellence in its respective segment, include Millennium Group, Synergistics Inc. and Synergistics Premier Banking. We draw from our combined strengths, accurately reflecting our business strategy. The design of a security system must include products which work well together and will guarantee a building’s integrity for years to come.

Profitable, Low-Maintenance Solutions

Our easy to install systems get your customers up and running quickly and efficiently. Over the life of the system, our access control products offer the lowest installation and maintenance costs available. You can count on our products to be low-worry, high-return solutions that keep your customers happy and keep your business profitable.

New dealers enjoy low barriers to entry and a quick learning curve with our products. Whether you’re new to our products or a long time dealer-integrator, we are commited to delivering exceptional products.

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