Synergistics Citadel, Powerful Modern Access Control

Synergistics Citadel, Powerful Modern Access Control
on October 28, 2014 in Security

Access Control - Synergistics Citadel

Easy to set up and use, the Citadel access control system is remarkably powerful, efficient and extremely cost effective. This modern, affordable access control system is perfect for typically smaller, simpler jobs. Designed with network capability, Citadel has the flexibility to control one or several buildings using a direct, dialup or network connection. Users set their access control requirements at a host computer that communicates with controllers. These specialized computing devices make decisions to allow or deny access. Transaction records are then stored in the controllers’ memory and are communicated back to the host computer.

Access Control - Synergistics Citadel

Powerful, Modern Access Control

Through distributed processing, both access control decisions and transaction recording are carried out by the individual controllers. Citadel will continue to operate fully during a computer failure, and with an optional 12V 4Ah backup battery, will operate during a power failure. When power is restored, Citadel’s controllers are fully functional, remembering the user’s access requirements and recorded transactions. This easy and affordable Citadel system supports over 4,000 cardholders, and moves beyond access control to provide over 190 input monitoring points per site. It also supports multiple dial-up or networking sites with spontaneous and instantaneous reporting of alarms to its host computer.

Multi Building Access Control

Access Control - Synergistics Citadel

Part Number and Description

1 Citadel Software (SY-31-0001)
1 DRC2032C Controller (SY-31-0005)
1 Power Supply (Plug-in 12VDC, 40VA) (SY-50-0014)
2 HID P6005 Prox Point Readers (SY-63-0062)
1 100 Ft. Communications Cable
2 100 Ft. Reader Cable
10 Hid Proxcard II ID Cards (SY-72-0125)
1 Pentium III or IV Personal Computer
1 or 2 Door Strikes/Locks (Continuous Duty)
1 or 2 Door Strike/Lock Power Supply
All Monitoring Devices (Door Monitors)
All Output Devices (Alarms, Etc.)
All Wire and Cable Not Included in Kit
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (Not Included in Kit)
56K Baud Modem (Min. 2 Req’d) (Mod56) (SY-09-0010)

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