Fire Alarm System Testing

Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspection Services

A-Z Tech Fire Alarm System Testing

Our fire alarm system testing services provides a visual, functional, and performance inspection of fire alarm devices as per NFPA72. All devices are bar-coded and then scanned during each inspection, time and date stamped, and results are uploaded from the barcode scanner PDA and posted on website for access by the AHJ and the building owner. The owner is also provided with a digital report that is verified by nature of the report format as evidentiary proof that the inspection of each device actually took place.

Inspection Services: Service Provider: Participation in “Inspector’s BootCamp” Certification program, barcode-and-timestamp-registered visual and functional testing, certification compliance document storage and retrieval
Building Inspection Compliance: Fire Alarm systems, Fire Protection systems, Emergency Lighting, Extinguishers
Verification Service: 3rd Party Verfication service for design, installation, and system commissioning; fiber optic, copper connectivity